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Hello, I am Kaare Sandholt. I work in the China Renewable Energy Centre in Beijing. I have been working with energy planning, energy policy analyses and renewable energy for three decades in Denmark and around the world. Take a look at my profile on LinkedIn for more information.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Ed Skinner

    Hi Kaare, good to meet you and congratulations on the site. It is very informative and hope I can add some useful content in the future.
    I own a trading company based in the UK, working with suppliers of technology and services in the RE Sector. Mostly in the PV and VAWT sector, but lways open to new ideas.
    Feel free to contact me directly.
    Ed Skinner.

  2. Martin Lewin

    Thank you for the summary of China’s Five-Year RE Plan, which reflects a continuation of China’s ambitious RE policy. I am part of a group focused on developing a scalable, simpler and more affordable more technology for RE from biomass, both in terms of municipal and agricultural waste. I look forward to learning more about China’s current activities in this area.


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